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Who We Are

JBM Music have 20+ years of combined experience in building large scale festivals, concerts & events from the ground up. We own some of the biggest brands across the UK, including several unique and tailored festival/club & live touring experiences.

Festival/Events genres range from Disco, Soul, Funk, Reggae and dance music. JBM are also behind the recent takeover of Manchester’s well-known Joshua Brooks bar & club which is hosting sell-out shows weekly, inviting nothing less than stand-out, global talent to the basement.

What We do

We manage, operate and promote bars, music events and a variety of festivals nationwide across the UK. Our in-house team create unique experiences that are tailored to the specific attendees needs dependant on the type of event we are hosting and promoting.

Our number one priority is and always will be our clients. Our in-house booking team who research and source the No.1 global talent with our matched production across all JBM Music shows. We never let the bar slip and that is why you will never be disappointed at a JBM Music show.

Meet the Team


Brian Murphy


Jorge Meehan

Head of Marketing

Bill Rogers

Health & Safety Officer

Brian Cleary

Video & Creative

Mikey Davies


Luke Deakin

Design & Creative

Mike Jones


Nikita Alexander


Stephen Haymes

Bar operations

James Turner

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